Mississippi IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) is a network of colleges and universities, designed to build a biomedical research infrastructure in Mississippi. Our mission is to reach out to Mississippians in order to improve health throughout the state and to engage talented researchers and students in biomedical research projects that will increase the state’s research competitiveness as well as impact the health of citizens of Mississippi.

The scientific focus of Mississippi INBRE is obesity, cancer and sexually transmitted diseases.

Mississippi INBRE implements three major efforts in order to accomplish its mission:

Core Facilities

Mississippi INBRE supports three core facilities throughout the state of Mississippi: a molecular and genomics core facility at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, an imaging core facility at the University of Southern Mississippi, and a proteomics core facility at Mississippi State University. These facilities provide the latest equipment and technical expertise to researchers and students for education and training.

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Student Pipeline

Mississippi INBRE has two summer programs: Research Scholars and Service Scholars. These programs are designed to give students hands-on experience in the field of biomedical research and public health. Research Scholars given the opportunity to experience hands-on biomedical research in the most competitive laboratories in the State, while Service Scholars participate in community outreach activities which directly tie into biomedical research projects. Competitive awards are available for Mississippi students to participate in these programs.

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Research Infrastructure

Mississippi INBRE has established research laboratories at our partner undergraduate institutions in order to create a biomedical research infrastructure throughout the state. Mississippi INBRE also provides competitive grants for Mississippi faculty for research and curriculum development.

For more information, contact us at msinbre@usm.edu.