Mississippi INBRE supports three core facilities throughout the state of Mississippi: a molecular and genomics core facility at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, an imaging core facility at the University of Southern Mississippi, and a proteomics core facility at Mississippi State University. These facilities provide researchers in Mississippi access to the latest equipment and technical expertise and are available for student education and training.


These facilities provide investigators access to expertise from experienced researchers in their respective fields, training and use of select equipment, and offer services at greatly reduced or competitive fees due to Mississippi INBRE support.


View a full listing of the equipment available in each core facility:


Imaging Core Facility

Molecular and Genomics Core Facility

Proteomics Core Facility


To schedule an appointment to utilize the equipment at any of these facilities or to learn more about the equipment, contact the facility directors.


Dr. Alex Flynt
Imaging Core Facility Director
University of Southern Mississippi


Dr. Michael Garrett
Molecular and Genomics Core Facility Director
University of Mississippi Medical Center


Dr. Daniel Peterson
Proteomics Core Facility Director
Mississippi State University